60 days!!

Oh my goodness where does the time go?! I can’t believe it’s been over 60 days since my last post!! I know I had goals to post weekly, but when I think more realistically about it I think that once a month or every other month might be more achievable. 

What’s been going on in my life:

We did not end up getting the house we were hoping to get in March, but we have since then found another one and are just patiently waiting to see how this one unfolds for us. Nonetheless crossing our fingers and praying it works out this time, too! 

April 18th I had to say goodbye to my “sister cat,” Jasmine, and it was bittersweet. She was almost 19-years-old so it was time, but it was hard to let go of her since she’s always been there for me. Hence the reason why I consider her a “sister.” We did end up getting two cats shortly after her passing because I needed the comfort and it was too empty without her here. We welcomed Cupcake and Peanut into our family and although they’re thought to be between 7 and 9 years old, they’re still a lot of fun and full of great love!

Other than all of that going on, we have just been working hard and doing our best everyday to keep moving forward in the right direction! Aside from realizing that I may only be able to post once a month or every other month, I have also been thinking that maybe I should just focus on sharing my life experience instead of fitness tips and whatnot. I may from time to time share things that I feel like I want to share, but I think my main goal now is to just focus on my experiences. I also want to do this because I struggle with depression, anxiety, and alcoholism, so I think it may benefit more readers if I were to talk about my experience with those parts of my life. 

Now you know why my website is my fabulously FICKLE life!! Haha!!

Thank you for taking time to read my post and I look forward to sharing more next month – or the month after – we’ll see what happens with this house. Feel free to leave some love in the comments below and subscribe to my blog so you can receive an update when I finally decide to post next! 😉