Fabulously Organized

02.24.2017 – I am starting out on my new venture that I have been thinking about doing for literally years. No more of this mulling around trying to figure out what I want to do with my spare time. I am cutting out unnecessary activities and things from my life – like watching TV too much and spending countless hours browsing the web! Enough is enough! It is time for me to make a change so I can spend more of my free time doing what I love and enjoying it! Obviously I have primary obligations like family and work, but my free time is where I cultivate the skills and hobbies that make me who I am.


I am not the owner of the image above. It is the property of Alejandra Costello’s SimpLESSity Program on her website: https://www.alejandra.tv/shop/how-to-declutter-program-simplessity/

The first step to achieving this new lifestyle is to “declutter” my mind and my life. I am currently working through Alejandra Costello’s “SimpLESSity” program, which is more or less a program dedicated to helping you lead somewhat of a minimalist lifestyle. I have absolutely NO problem doing that. I am so sick of the “things” in our house that just weigh us down. They serve no purpose and don’t bring any joy. What’s the point of keeping it then? Let someone else enjoy it – maybe they need that thing more than you do! Along with minimizing the “stuff” in your home, the program helps you organize the necessities (i.e., clothes, dishes, bathroom stuff, etc.). I have had this program (book) since the0006d17c6e555b1e23bdcf567b7d9604
summer or fall of last year (2016) and although I dove right in to trying to “declutter,” I ended up putting the cart before the horse and since I did not take my time with reading and learning what to do first – I failed at my first attempt to simplify my life. Now, the second time around I am teaching myself to be patient as these things take TIME. Nothing happens overnight, well at least most things that are worth anything don’t.


This page is just the beginning of my journey to leading a more simplistic and minimalist lifestyle – only keeping what is necessary. I plan on sharing my progress through galleries (if I can figure out how to do that) on here, also. Who doesn’t like “Before & After” pictures to look at?! I know I do! There’s something inspiring about being able to SEE the transformation. It will take time for me to share anything since I am just now beginning this process and the “SimpLESSity” program, so I appreciate your patience and will post updates as I go along! Toodles!