12514071_919902888117109_1606242051097335810_oI’m a newbie blogger and created this blog to help share my passions, as I have many. The title of my blog derives from the fact that I believe I am a fabulous person who is caught up in a very fickle life! (I’m also a fickle person some times – just ask my mom!) This is something you will probably come to learn the longer you become familiar with my blog!

I feel the need to share my hobbies and passions through a blog simply because I need a creative outlet and some way to express myself. I am trying to keep my blog focused on things I learn and feel a need to share.

I work as an Office Manager for my stepfather and step-grandfather; and I’m also a full-time wife and mother to the world’s most amazing husband and daughter anyone could ask for! I also consider myself an inspiring lifer, meaning that I enjoy sharing stories and information with an aim to light a spark in others. I believe the world needs more positively inspired people.

Click here to connect and learn more about me and my fabulous life!

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