Hi there and welcome to My Fabulously Fickle Life! Thank you so much for dropping by!

My name is Ashley and I have created this blog to basically help others who might feel like life gets away from them. For years I have struggled with depression, anxiety, lots of stress (self-created), and lack of motivation to follow through with my goals. I cannot tell you how many projects I have started up just to let them go. I’m going to begin with my goal-setting and planning methods, which I may tweak here and there, but I feel like showing others that goals and life don’t always have to be done perfectly! I’m a hardcore perfectionist – a habit I’m trying to break – so it takes me longer than most people to not only begin a project, but also to be absolutely satisfied with the results of my hard work. I believe this trait is one of the main reasons why I always “give up” on some of my projects because I can just never be satisfied with how the project is going. It has also been my worst enemy since I could talk and do things for myself (like since Kindergarten). My hopes are for my blog to be inspiring┬áto others that are struggling with trying to move forward in life, even when it feels like the cards are stacked against them at the moment. Just remember that we’re all fabulous, life is fickle, and it’s not over yet #semicolon

(Please be patient as I am still in the process of messing with my blog style and I apologize in advance if things get moved around on a daily basis. Hey, I didn’t call it my fabulously fickle life for nothing!)